About us

Our family has a passion about dogs and animals. We live in a family farm in the east of Hungary. In our farm we keep several animals (like dogs, horses, birds, sheeps, goats, chickens…) with more than 7ha area. Passion about dogs and animals is come from my parents, who always keep animals in their birthplaces. I got my first dog who was a german shepherd (Öcsi) when I was only 5 years old, from this time I had always dogs in my life. Next to the german shephers I always preferred small sized dogs, mainly the terriers. I got my first jack russell terrier when I was around 11 years old, but unfortunately this journey was very short with sad end. In year 2015 I offically started my own dog kennel, with one german shepherd female (“Szeli”), one jack russell terrier female (“Maci”) and with my first french bulldog female (“Zsömi”).

My main goal is produced healthy dogs with the best quality, excellent temperament and find the best forever homes to make other people happy with these wonderful animals.